Monday, September 1, 2014

Math and Science Week of September 2nd


We made it through our first week!  Last week we spent some time learning third grade routines and expectations.  The kids have really been doing a great job so far and are enjoying 3rd grade! 
Last week in Math we reviewed some second grade skills with place value and introduced the thousand’s place.  We have been working on standard form, word form, and expanded form.

Standard form=6,427
Word Form=six thousand, four hundred twenty-seven
Expanded Form=6,000+400+20+7

This week we will be discussing in greater depth the value of each place.  The students will be taught strategies on how to compare and order numbers using the greater than and less than sign.  We will be introducing some new Math Station games to the kids to practice these skills as well.
We skimmed the surface in Science last week.  The kids made a title page and table of contents for their Science Journal and decorated them with Science Icons.  On Friday we talked about “What is a Scientist?” We discovered all the different types of Scientists that exist and began working on our first project.  In Science next week we will be going through Lab Safety procedures and learning the names of many Science tools.  Towards the end of the week we will take a gallery walk with a partner and work on categorizing tools by tools that are used for observation, safety, measurement, or recording.

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It’s going to be a great week!

Ms. S

Elements of Fiction, Community and Journal Writing

We had a GREAT first week together getting to know one another and learning new routines and schedules.  This week, we will dive into more third grade content.  This blog is to be used as a conversation starter for you and your child.  Check out what's going on in class this week, and then throw out a informational tidbit or ask questions at home to keep the learning going!  Your help and participation is appreciated.

Reading- We will review elements of fiction texts this week.  Students will be reminded of the importance of characters, setting, and plot in fiction texts.  We will begin the week by identifying elements in the stories we read last week.  Then, we will read some new stories together and identify fictional elements.  As the week finishes, students will use a book they have read on their own to identify and explain the importance of fictional elements.

Writing- We brainstormed an expert list last week.  Students will have an opportunity to expand on those topics this week in their writing journals.  This week our goal is to get back into the habit of writing.  Students will be encouraged to write, read, revise, write again and read again.  Students will learn a new way of sharing writing called POINT. It's an exercise that helps writers notice their strengths and builds classroom community.

Word Work- We will use Words Their Way this year in third grade.  This week, students will complete the Elementary Spelling Inventory.  This assessment will be give three times throughout the school year to track students progress and developmental understanding of how words and spelling patterns work.  This assessment is not graded.  It will be used for my information to help develop lessons and small groups that will target your child's learning needs.

Social Studies- We spent last week creating classroom community. This week we will focus on our greater communities and citizens who have served as great role models.  Students will be introduced to Ruby Bridges, Helen Keller and Jane Addams this week.  We will look at what they did to help their community in the past and how that impacts our communities today.  Students will also be encouraged to start thinking about character traits that a "good citizen" would display.  

Homework-Third graders will have 20 minutes of reading homework each night.  We checked out library books last Thursday, and will return to the library each week on Thursdays.  Students should record the book title in their planner each night to show that the required 20minutes was completed.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Student Information Form

Please click this link to give us information about your child.  Thank you, Mrs. Ford and Ms. Skrivanek.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Welcome to Third Grade!

Welcome to 3rd Grade at Hunters Creek Elementary!
We are looking forward to getting to know you, learning together and having some fun in the process.  Feel free to look around the blog and find out a little more about what's to come this year!
Mrs. Ford and Ms. Skrivanek

As you prepare for a new school year, here are some great resources...

Friday, May 30, 2014

Last week of School!!!!


We are down to the last three and a half days!  Here are our plans:

        Monday, June 2ndLET'S HIT THE BEACH!
Bring a large beach towel, Dress Hawaiian and wear your sunglasses. Get ready to watch some beach and ocean movies.  We will catch some rays outside and your teacher will provide you with a “fishy” snack.  

Tuesday, June 3rd: WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A BALL!
Bring a ball or piece of equipment from your favorite sport or athletic activity.  For example a football, jump rope or tennis racquet.   Also, wear a jersey or shirt from your favorite sports team!  We will start the day with our chariot races and play some of our favorite sports later! We will also cool off with a Popsicle snack!

Wednesday, June 4thCAMP READ-A-LOT/Talent Show!
Bring several chapter books or other favorite books from home that you have been meaning to read or you want to recommend to classmates.  Also, bring a pillow and blanket to camp out in.  Dress in “camp style” clothes.  We will have a delicious smores snack!

Thursday, June 5th: LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!
The last day of third grade will be a short one! We’ll do some end of the year wrap up, have a pizza party and then dismiss at noonYou will not need to bring anything to school the last day except your backpack!

It's really been a great year.  I hope the summer is filled with fun times and lots of rest and relaxation.  Best of luck in 4th grade to you and your child.

Ms. Skrivanek and Mrs. Ford

Friday, May 23, 2014

Science and Math Week of May 27th

Happy Memorial Day!

Every teacher will be doing something different in their classrooms trying to manage the chaos!  I personally believe that if I don't keep them challenged, I will see lots of misbehavior.  So this week we will finish up our unit on measurement by Tuesday and then do some fourth grade skills!  I have been teaching the kids very slowly two digit by to digit multiplication.  This week we will dive deeper into that.  At the end of the week I will begin with long division a bit.  I will let the kids that are not strong in their Math Facts skills use a multiplication chart to aid them.

We will take a fast facts quiz on Tuesday.  I am not putting it in the grade book.

In Science the kids will be finishing up their detailed study of the three types of volcanoes and we will be moving on to Roman Architecture.  Last week the kids were fascinated by the happenings of Pompeii and really loved making their volcano and painting it.  We decided to erupt it this Tuesday :)

Important things to remember this week:
1. The Chariot Races will be at 8:30 this Thursday, May 29th.
2. The Winds of Time Parade will be this Friday, May 30th, time is pending.

I hope to see you at these events with your camera.  It is a really neat and fun time of the year.

Ms. S

Friday, May 16, 2014

Math and Science Week of May 19th-23rd


Next week will be our last full five day week of the year!  It will be the last week of Math Homework and the last week of fast facts.  In Math, we will go back to measurement.  We will be studying weight in the Customary system first with ounces, pounds, and tons.  Students will walk around the room and search for things that are about an ounce and about a pound.  Next, we will study weight in the metric system focusing on grams and kilograms. The latter part of the week we will work on capacity in the Customary and Metric system.  Students will learn about "Gallon Man!"

In Science, we will be studying about Volcanoes in honor of Pompeii and our Rome study.  We will be labeling parts of a volcano, building volcanoes out of model magic, painting our volcano, and erupting our volcano!  The kids are definitely excited about next week.  We will also learn the details of the destruction on Pompeii and read some interesting factual books about that event.  

I have definitely seem some improvement in the fast fact grades and I am so excited that the kids are really taking this oh so important skill seriously.  Please keep it up over the Summer. Your child's 4th grade Math success depends on it!

We will have Roman Numeral HW all next week.  Here is a fun Roman Numeral YouTube video to try :)

Can't wait to see all of you on Wednesday at Noon for Publisher's Picnic!  It will be a beautiful event and its always one of my most favorite every year.

Love, Ms. S